About Us

Hi, we’re Sam and Shivani, the husband and wife co-founders of Strawberry & Cream - Home. We have not worked in the bedding industry, but what motivated us to start our business was news on the negative impact of cotton farming on perhaps earth’s most precious and scarce resource – water. Further research showed a very dark and disturbing side to the cotton growing industry.

It played on our conscience, realising just how big a problem cotton farming actually is – considering we all depend on it to some degree for our clothing and bedding needs. With a growing population, demand is only set to grow further – and with it the effect on climate change is only likely to increase.

We learnt that over 95% of cotton grown is of the genetically modified type – the type that grows under irrigated conditions, depleting ground water resources. The type that requires over 11,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans. And then there is the organic type, which is grown under rain-fed conditions reducing the need for irrigated water by up to 80%. Sadly, the organic type makes up just 1% of the global cotton crop.

What got us out of bed when starting out

Interestingly, we discovered that the bedding industry in UK is dominated by a few High Street retailers. Most either do not sell or have very few product choices by way of organic bed linen – which is disappointing, considering that climate change is real and here to stay. We also think that single-use plastic packaging with a printed piece of cardboard, which most High Street stores bed linen comes in, is unattractive and not eco-friendly.

We also discovered there was no information about fabric quality, which consumers could use to make informed choices when buying bed linen – other than meaningless and misleading marketing terms such as thread count. On average we spend a third of our lives in bed. Considering that sleep influences our mood and creativity, it is a vital part to a human being’s health and wellbeing. Since sleep quality can be affected by bed linen quality – the lack of information was disappointing.

A stylish and well-made bed is an attractive statement piece of décor in a bedroom. Well-designed bed linen should make it easy for anyone to change sheets and do a well-made made bed every day – spending minimal time. However most bed linen sold is dull and purely functional. It is not well designed, making sheet changing and bed making cumbersome and time consuming.

Making the necessary improvements to the above issues, inspired us to start our business.

Our journey

We started our business to achieve 4 key objectives:

  1. To make a positive contribution towards improving the environment’s and cotton farmers health.
  2. To be transparent with vital information, to help consumers make better and informed choices when buying bed linen.
  3. To provide consumers a better experience, by supplying them with ethical, well made, well designed and luxurious products in eco-friendly and re-usable packaging.
  4. To educate people on the benefits of buying products made from organic cotton.

From not knowing much about textiles, our journey has been educational. We learnt about textile and fabric construction, design, and much more. After plenty of discussions with factories on technical matters, testing numerous samples & experimenting with many design elements – we finally bring to you our range of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton premium bed linen. We are confident you will love it as much as we do.

Why choose to buy our bed linen?

We pride ourselves in being transparent, and are pleased to share with you the knowledge we have gained to help you understand the important characteristics when buying premium quality bed linen. By understanding the difference between poor and good quality fabric you will be better informed about what to look for when buying your bed linen – whether from us or elsewhere.

Much like the classic British favourite, Strawberries & Cream, our bed linen is elegant and simple in design. It is designed, where appropriate, with strategically placed bands, embroidered logos, large buttons and useful flaps to make sheet changing easy; and ensuring that the perfectly made bed look can be achieved effortlessly every day in a fraction of time. After a long day, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a perfectly made bed and the feel of buttery soft sheets. We hope our bedding evokes feelings of joy and happiness in you.

Our bed linen is made only from 100% organic cotton and is GOTS certified. GOTS is the gold standard in excellence in the textile industry, which places stringent criteria on very high production standards and worker welfare being met – from farm to factory. We take huge satisfaction in the knowledge that peoples’ quality of life and the environment has been positively impacted as a result.

Of course, none of this is possible without your custom – and by choosing to buy organic cotton products you are making a significant contribution in helping change the world.