Going Green for Black Friday

make friday green again. black friday poster

With lockdown officially over in Britain, this year’s Black Friday means that once again, consumers can head back into the stores and find the best deals of the year.

But not everyone fancies this option and may prefer online shopping. But are we doing more harm than good to the environment in doing either of these things for Black Friday?

Back in 2020, Money.co.uk reported that Black Friday home deliveries would churn out an estimated 429 thousand metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Sadly, only 1 in 10 people in Britain said they considered the impact of their online shopping deliveries on the environment.

So how can you be more sustainable this Black Friday? We’ve got some tips below to help you enjoy Black Friday 2021 in an eco-friendly way.

Give Back to the Environment

In 2020, many online brands partnered with environmental charities to encourage consumers to “give back” on Black Friday. A great example is Patagonia, which donated 100% of its sales on Black Friday to environmental causes.
This is an effective way for you to donate to these fantastic charities while shopping online, so be sure to look around to see which companies will be taking part this year. 

We have decided to donate a percentage of our sales during November & December to World Water Crisis Charity this year. Water is the largest natural resource on the planet & research also indicates that water shortages have the potential to cause conflict & war.

Conventional cotton farming is very water intensive, however, organic cotton is mainly rain-fed & requires 90% less irrigated water than conventional cotton. Water usage & access to clean water is something we care deeply about which is why we have chosen to donate to World Water Crisis Charity.

Don’t Be Tempted to Impulse Buy

We’ve all been there, giving in to temptation by buying something straight away because it’s “cheap as chips” and it looks good. But what we really need to be asking ourselves is: Do we need it?
So before you do your Black Friday shopping spree, we’d recommend you make a shopping list of the things you need rather than want beforehand to reduce your impulse spending. This practice is not only eco-friendly but is also easy on the pocket!

Try to Place a Single Order with Online Shopping

Don’t be tempted to place one order after another! Consolidating your orders will not only help to reduce the delivery costs but also help to limit the amount of packaging used for your items and the number of delivery drivers required.

Also, when it comes to selecting the delivery method, it is worth choosing an eco-friendly delivery option if it is available. We have partnered with DPD for our deliveries and you can find out about how they are aiming for cleaner, greener deliveries here.

Buy from Sustainable Brands

When it comes to choosing a company to shop with, it’s important to research their ethos and practices. Choose to shop from companies that are transparent about the materials used within their products and where their items are produced.

Our company believes fast fashion has a huge negative impact on the earth’s resources and population's health. That’s why one of the key aspects of our brand is to be transparent and to choose quality over quantity for more sustainable practices. Buying as ethically as possible means being compassionate and smarter with our resources and money.

Read our blog on why we chose to use organic cotton for our products and the environmental benefits.

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