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The classic pairing of Strawberries and Cream is a traditional favourite British dessert – elegant and simple. It is indulgent and evokes feelings of joy and happiness. While our bedding is not edible, tucking into our luxuriously soft and smooth bedding is guaranteed to give you a comfortable night’s sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Our bedding is ethically made in India in a GOTS certified factory. For a factory to be GOTS certified, it must meet stringent criteria including prohibition of child labour and paying workers a fair wage among other requirements. In addition, the factory we work with adopts many eco-friendly practices e.g. the use of solar energy in its production. Staff welfare is also important to management, and taken seriously – with a subsidised canteen on site serving delicious meals and a temple on site which employees are free to visit for worship.

All our products are packaged first in fabric bags made from the offcuts (waste material) that happen during the cut & sew phase of the production process. Offcuts otherwise mostly end up in landfill. By making fabric bags from these offcuts, we reduce the amount that goes to landfill. The fabric bags are designed to be re-used for multiple purposes e.g. as a shoe bag, a vegetable bag, a toiletries bag etc. – reducing the need to use plastic bags.

Our bed linen is then packed into eco-friendly boxes, which again can be re-used for multiple purposes e.g. as a shoe box, a stationery box, or a general storage box. Most high street bed linen retailers package their products in single use plastic bags which end up in landfill.

Living in a world challenged by climate change, we recognise that selling organic cotton bedding in eco-friendly packaging is not enough alone. Delivering orders to our customers also has an impact on the environment.

We always look at ways we can improve on sustainability, and are proud to work with DPD as our delivery partners. DPD have a fleet of over 700 delivery vehicles that are electric (and growing). They have also adopted other eco-friendly initiatives like using solar energy to power their hub offices, and over 80% of their packaging is re-cyclable. Learn more about some of their initiatives.

The Quality of our Bedding

The fabrics used in the manufacture of our bedlinen are GOTS compliant. No harmful and toxic pesticides or insecticides have been used in the cultivation of cotton, and no toxic and harmful chemicals are used in the dyes and manufacturing processes.

Waste water generated during the manufacturing process is also treated in a water treatment plant and records must be kept. Aside from the eco-friendly criteria that must be met, factories also have to meet social criteria to protect employee welfare e.g. the prohibition of use of child labour and ensuring a fair wage is paid to employees.

Read our article about the benefits of organic cotton.

Our bedlinen is made from single ply, long staple cotton in 60s yarn. The long staple cotton gives a better weave to the fabric and is less likely to pill (pilling gives a scratchy feel), unlike bedlinen made from multi-ply threads (of varying staple lengths) or short staple lengths.

Our bedlinen is made from a thread count of 300 threads per square inch of fabric – and is woven using a sateen weave, which gives a lustrous sheen and a smooth and silky feel. The fabric is constructed in an approximate 2:1 weave ratio, vertical: horizontal to enhance the luxurious feel. A 70% weave coverage ensures the optimal mix between durability, luxury and breathability of the fabric. Learn more about what qualities to look for when buying premium bed linen.

Our fitted sheets are available in UK & European mattress sizes. They are 38cm deep and fit most mattresses.

For the best fit, we recommend that you wash your sheets at 40°C  before using.

Our products are not pre-shrunk. Cotton is a natural fibre, which shrinks a little during the first wash. A shrinkage of between 1% - 4% is normal. But do not worry…. shrinkage has been factored in during the cut and sew stage of the manufacturing process, and the fabric has been tailored accordingly.

Cotton is a natural fibre, whose inherent properties means that it wrinkles when washed. Polyester on the other hand is a man-made fibre, made of synthetic materials. Cotton of the non-iron variety is popular. However, for cotton to be non-iron it is treated with Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is identified as a potential carcinogen. Wearing clothes or using textiles treated with formaldehyde can cause dermatitis in humans with symptoms including rashes, blisters and itchy dry skin.

Your health and wellbeing is very important and you should avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals where possible. At the same time we understand that wrinkly sheets look unsightly on a bed. That is why we have identified a simple of way of ironing those cumbersome sheets for a neat and tidy look in a fraction of time. Learn more on how to iron sheets the "cheat’s way" for a neat look.

Certainly. We offer fabric swatch samples. Ordering a swatch sample is the best way for you to get a feel of the fabric before committing to making a purchase of our bed linen. Please get in touch with us via email: info@strawberry-cream.com or call us.

Thread count can be manipulated, and is in the most part irrelevant, not to mention that retailers often omit what area the thread count reference covers.

The quality of bedlinen should be judged on a number of factors such as ply, yarn count, weave ratio and weaving method (sateen or percale).

Our bedding is made from long staple fibre 100% Organic Cotton. The fabric of our bedding is woven in a sateen weave, using 60s yarn count single-ply threads. There are 300 threads per square inch.

Learn more about what makes good quality bedlinen.

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We offer FREE UK delivery, place your order by 1pm for free UK delivery in the next 1-3 working days. For more information please review our delivery policy.

Place your order by 1pm for free UK delivery in the next 1-3 working days. Please refer to our delivery policy for further information..

At present we ship our products only to UK & Northern Ireland. We offer FREE UK delivery. Please refer to our delivery policy page for more details.

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