Our Brand

The thinking behind our brand name: Strawberry & Cream

Strawberries & cream is an iconic food pairing in British culture. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries paired with cream makes a refreshing, comforting & decadent food. Simple, yet elegant – it evokes a feeling of happiness. Our beautiful sheets are not edible, but once you tuck in we are confident that you will find the experience heavenly! Our luxurious and opulent sheets are designed to help you get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to face the day. 

The logic behind our product design

The following characteristics, in our opinion, are important in the design of high quality bed linen:

  • The luxurious feel of well-made quality bedding against our skin in aiding restful sleep.
  • A simplified bed making process. Often, we get the fitted sheet in the wrong position; and putting on a duvet cover is cumbersome and frustrating when the duvet tangles.
  • Simple in design yet an opulent, stylish and attractive piece of décor on your bed.
  • The ability to create a 5* looking, well made bed every day in a fraction of time.

Our sheets are designed to meet the above criteria in the following ways:

Well-made quality bedding

  • Working closely with some of our factory’s most experienced and expert staff in identifying a good balance between making our products luxurious, well designed, stylish & affordable.

A simplified bed making process

Duvet Cover:

  • Two distinct features give our duvet cover a certain uniqueness: side flaps & strategically placed decorative bands in the middle.
  •  The side flaps are designed to be used, if needed, to adjust the duvet inside the cover. This is not possible with conventional styled duvet covers. Contrasting flap colours add character and enhance style. The flaps also act as a marker when folding the duvet at the top end for a hotel look.
  • The inner bands on our duvet cover are designed to sit on the edges of the mattress to get an even spread of the duvet around the bed, for the perfect look.

  Fitted Sheet:

  • Our logo on the bottom right hand corner of the fitted sheet, ensures you never make a mistake with getting the fitted sheet placed the right way.

  Flat Sheet:

  • Strategically placed decorative bands ensure that when the Flat Sheet is placed on the bed, you get an equal spread around the bed.
  •  The Flat Sheet is a large piece of material, and visual mistakes can be made when putting it on the bed. Our logo on the bottom right hand corner of the fitted sheet, ensures you never make a mistake with direction when laying it on the bed. 

Attractive piece of décor

  • Contrasting colour bands on our sheets creates two-tone bedding to match other colour schemes in your bedroom. Research on home interiors and complementary colours, influence the colours we choose for our bedding.
  • Our attractive logo, aside from being a guide to correct positioning of your sheets, gives an opulent, stylish & designer look – yet looks minimalist.
  • Getting the 5* look every day in a fraction of time:
  • Daily bed making is a breeze with our well designed bedding. Simply plump out the pillows, air out the duvet with a couple of flicks and ensure that the banding is in line with the edges of the mattress, and finally fold the top of the duvet towards the band line at the top of the duvet for that hotel look, and … That’s it! It’s that easy!

Our brand ethos

Your mental & physical well-being is significantly influenced by how well you sleep. We strongly believe that how well your day goes is influenced by how well you start it. Taking pride in the quality of your sleep, bedding and the task of making your bed daily sets the tone to a great start to the day.

We place great importance on simplifying the bed making process, as well as getting a stunning and attractive looking piece of décor in your bedroom.


Fabric construction is very important to us, as it significantly impacts sheet quality. High quality bedding is meant to last for years. This is especially important, now that we live in a world of accelerating climate change. Fast fashion, and the use of cheap quality fabrics may result in cost savings in the short term but ultimately impacts hugely on the earth’s resources and health. Cheap quality fabrics do not last long, and have to be replaced regularly. This not only depletes precious resources faster e.g. water, but is also more costly financially.

We all have a duty to be mindful about our consumption habits. One of the key ethos of our products is to encourage the habit of buying less, but buying high quality. Choosing quality over quantity. Buying ethical simply means being compassionate and smarter with our choices and investing in the wellbeing of the earth & future generations.