Our Brand Ethos: 100% Organic Cotton Bedding

Our beautiful, 100% organic cotton bedding is not edible, but once you tuck in we are confident that you will find the experience heavenly! Opulent, buttery soft and sustainably made so you can sleep soundly. Wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to face the day.

Our brand ethos

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it’s no surprise that how well you sleep can influence your mental and physical well-being. Waking up refreshed, after having slept in quality bed linen, can really set the tone for a great day.

Not only is our 100% organic cotton bedding attractive looking and of exceptional quality, but we also place great importance in making bedding well designed and user friendly. Simplifying the bed making process is very important to us. To that effect, we have included unique design features in our bedding.

Fabric construction to an optimal formula, attention to detail of workmanship, and the overall finish standard of our 100% organic cotton bedding is our top priority, as it massively impacts the quality. High quality bed linen should last for years, this is especially relevant now that we live in the midst of global warming and climate change. 

Fast fashion, and the use of cheap quality fabrics, may result in cost savings in the short term, but it has a hugely negative impact on the earth’s resources and population's health. Cheap quality fabrics do not last long, and need replacing often, so overall you’ll spend more for lower quality bedding!

We all have a responsibility to be mindful about our consumer habits. One of the key aspects of our brand is to choose quality over quantity for more sustainable practices. Buying as ethically as possible means being compassionate and smarter with our resources and money.

The well being of the earth & future generations is important to us, which is why we make 100% organic cotton bedding.


 Our product design

The following characteristics are important aspects of our quality, 100% organic cotton bedding:

a) Quality, well made, luxurious bedding that is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

b) The look and feel of hotel-style 5-star luxury bedding.


We designed our sheets to meet the above criteria in the following ways: 

1) Well-made quality bedding 

We work to make our products luxurious, well designed, stylish & durable. We constantly review innovative ways to optimise our design, packaging and production processes. 

2) A simplified bed making process

 Duvet Cover: 

  • Large buttons making fastening and unfastening of the duvet cover easier during bed making.
  • Concealed buttons give the duvet cover a neat look.
  • Inside the duvet cover, we have included ties in the corners. These ties can be used to tie the duvet to the duvet cover, to make duvet insertion easier. Using these ties is optional. They can also be snipped off with a pair of scissors if you do not find them necessary.

Fitted Sheet: 

  • Our fitted sheets have a peep label, sewn on the inside, with our brand icon & the wording "bottom right corner". It is a helpful marker which ensures you never make a mistake in placing the fitted sheet the right way on the bed.
  • Our fitted sheets are 38cm in depth. They are deep enough to fit most mattresses. They are fully elasticated to give a better grip underneath the mattress for a snug and good fit. 

    3) Attractive piece of décor 

    • We have chosen neutral colours for our bedding, to complement most colour schemes typically found in interior bedroom decor.
    • We believe that having two tone bedding looks modern, stylish and bespoke. It has the effect of instantly rejuvenating the look and feel of the bedroom.