100% Organic Cotton Grey Bedding

100% Organic Cotton Grey Bedding

Shop our luxury 100% organic cotton grey bedding. Available to buy in either a light grey or a darker stone grey shade. Woven in a sateen weave, the fabric used in our bedding is made from the finest single ply, long staple 60s yarn organic cotton.  Crafted to the highest quality standards, our bedding is luxuriously soft and smooth. It is breathable, ensuring that you get more comfortable sleep.

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Sustainably Made

Our bedding is ethically made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown using up to 90% less irrigated water, is free from artificial pesticides, and improves the quality of life of organic cotton farmers.

Breathable Fabric

There are 300 single-ply threads per square inch of fabric. By not inflating thread count, our bedding is durable, and more breathable giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Beautiful Bedding

Luxury bedding crafted to a beautiful finish by expert tailors. Woven in a sateen weave, our bedding has a buttery, soft feel and a beautiful sheen. High welfare standards met from farm to factory.

  • Light Grey
  • Stone Grey