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Luxurious Organic Cotton Bed Linen From A Brand You Can Trust

Our eco-friendly and luxuriously soft bed linen is made from 100% organic cotton and is GOTS certified. GOTS is the gold standard in excellence in the textile industry, which places stringent criteria on very high production standards and worker welfare being met – from farm to factory.

Why Choose Strawberry & Cream Luxury Bedsheets?

The consequences of a drought...no water.

Our sheets don’t cost the Earth

A good night’s sleep should not come at the expense of ruining someone else’s. Our sheets are made from GOTS certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton farming reduces water consumption from irrigated sources by up to 90%, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and gives cotton farmers a better quality of life.

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Sleep like a baby

Sheets designed to help you sleep like a baby

The quality of our sheets can help improve your sleep quality. What would you give to be able to “sleep like a baby”? ….magical words in this day and age! Learn more about how to buy quality bed linen.

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Honesty, transparency and integrity

We have nothing to hide

Most retailers are economical with the truth and share next to no information about the fabric’s make up – which can be manipulated. We pride ourselves on being transparent, and are happy to share information with you on important characteristics of quality bed linen.

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We believe going to bed should be exciting - like date night

Our bedding is designed to save time in assembly and care. Avoid frustration by discovering how to put on a duvet cover – the easy way. Save time, yet get pristine looking sheets by ironing them the cheat’s way. Fall in love with your sheets. Get passionate about making the perfect bed. Make bedtime a treat. Watch our simple guides.

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Our Brand

Strawberries & cream is an iconic food pairing in British culture.

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