How often should you wash your Duvet Cover & bed sheets?

Bed with messy Strawberry & Cream beige and grey bedding

The Duvet Cover – hero or villain?

In UK & Europe, the use of Duvets & Duvet Covers is more popular than using a combination of a Flat Sheet & blankets. In the US, using a Flat Sheet and blanket is more common. But there is now increased acceptance and use of a Duvet (also known as a comforter).

The biggest challenge of using a Duvet Cover is inserting the Duvet into the Duvet Cover. It's frustrating, fussy, and cumbersome.

The Duvet usually “bunches up” inside the Duvet Cover, and the task feels like it takes forever.

This inconvenience often makes people procrastinate to wash their bedding. It is no surprise then that as many as 28% of people in the UK wash their bedding every 4 weeks!

What does Strawberry & Cream suggest?

a) How often should I wash my duvet cover?

You should change your bedding weekly. But this may not be realistic for most people. So we recommend that you use a Flat Sheet along with the Duvet (& Duvet Cover as per the example below showing the Dune Flat Sheet (untucked for a relaxed layered look), overlaid with the White Classic + Duvet Cover.



The Flat Sheet helps reduce the amount of contact your body has with the Duvet Cover. So that you can wash the flat sheet more often and change the Duvet Cover less.

Yet, for hygiene reasons, we still recommend that you wash your Duvet Cover as often as you can. You should at least wash your Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases weekly. But wash your Duvet Cover every 2 weeks.

b) Discover an easier way to change your duvet cover!

We recognized the frustration of changing a duvet cover early on when designing our bedding. So our solution was to include helpful "side flaps" close to the head of the Duvet Cover. The side flaps help you to adjust the Duvet so that it sits flush on the inside edges inside the Duvet Cover.

By having side flaps, it gives you access from the closed-off sides of the Duvet Cover. So you can adjust the Duvet if it bunches up. This is a feature not available in traditional designs of Duvet Covers.

Our “Classic+ Duvet Cover”, has concealed side flaps. But our “Signature Collection” has visible side flaps in a contrasting colour.

Still, we recognise that many people prefer the traditional style of Duvet Covers with only a bottom opening. That’s why we offer Duvet Covers in our “Classic Collection” in both styles – with & without side flaps.

You can learn more about how to insert a Duvet Cover the Strawberry & Cream way by watching our video.