How often should you wash your Duvet Cover & bed sheets?

Bed with messy Strawberry & Cream beige and grey bedding

The Duvet Cover – hero or villain? In UK & Europe, the use of Duvets & Duvet Covers is more popular than using a combination of a Flat Sheet & blankets. In the US using a Flat Sheet together with a blanket / duvet is popular.

The biggest challenge of using a Duvet Cover, is inserting the Duvet into the Duvet Cover. It's frustrating, fussy, and cumbersome. The Duvet usually “bunches up” inside the Duvet Cover, and inserting it feels like a task that takes forever.

This inconvenience often makes people procrastinate when it is time to wash their bedding. It is no surprise then, that as many as 28% of people in the UK wash their bedding every 4 weeks!

What does Strawberry & Cream suggest?

a) Use a Flat Sheet as a layer between the Fitted Sheet & Duvet

Ideally, you should change your bedding weekly. But if this is not possible / convenient for you, then we recommend that you use a Flat Sheet between the Fitted Sheet and the Duvet (like in the image below, which shows a grey Flat Sheet sandwiched between the Duvet and the Fitted Sheet). Leaving the Flat Sheet untucked makes bed making easier, and it gives a luxury hotel style layered look.


The Flat Sheet helps reduce the amount of contact your body has with the Duvet Cover. Removing the Flat Sheet from the bed and putting it back on, is easier than using the duvet cover. This allows you to wash the Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet & Pillow Cases more often, ensuring that you sleep in freshly laundered bedding regularly.

The Flat Sheet is also a year round bedding staple. In winter, it adds a layer to your Duvet for more cosy sleep. In warmer weather, rather than using a Duvet, the Flat Sheet can be paired with a light blanket for more comfortable sleep.

For hygiene reasons, we still recommend that you regularly wash your Duvet Cover. Aim to wash your Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases weekly, and your Duvet Cover every 2 weeks.

b) Discover an easier way to change your duvet cover!

We empathise with you, and completely understand the frustration you probably experience when trying to insert a duvet inside a duvet cover - especially if it is a large king or super king sized duvet. But worry not... there is now a brilliant solution to overcome this challenge. There is now an innovative way of inserting a duvet into the duvet cover, using the "burrito" method

Why not add a flat sheet to your bedding, and see what a difference it makes to your sleep! Pair the Flat Sheet with a matching Fitted Sheet Set, and a contrast coloured Duvet Cover Set. It will instantly refresh your bedroom decor, and give your bed a boutique, hotel style look.