The Duvet Cover Size Guide

The Duvet Cover Size Guide

What is a Duvet Cover?

A Duvet Cover is a protective casing for the Duvet. It helps prevent the Duvet from getting stained. Cleaning Duvets can be expensive, and hence the reason for using the Duvet Cover.

Duvet Covers have three sealed ends. The bottom end is open allowing for duvet insertion. Most Duvet Covers have buttons as fasteners.

Duvets should be larger in size compared to mattresses. This is to ensure that despite tossing and turning, you are still covered by a duvet. So as not to get cold – especially during cold winter months.

The size of the Duvet must match the size of the Duvet Cover to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Industry standards dictate Duvet sizes.

But sizes can vary between different countries. This is because mattress sizes are different between countries. For example, European & US sized mattresses are bigger compared to UK sized ones.

Which Duvet size is best for your bed?

When buying a Duvet, you should aim to buy one where each person gets at least 30cm extra duvet (width-wise). So, if you have a UK Double bed, your duvet width should be at least 200cm; 135cm mattress width + 32.5cm extra width either side.

Duvets are also designed in a way that when placed on the bed, the Duvet should be 25cm down from the head of the bed at least. For example, a UK Double bed mattress is 190cm long. So, if the Double Bed sized Duvet is 200cm in length – it gives 35cm extra duvet at the foot of the bed. This is enough for a person to sleep comfortably without their feet getting exposed and feeling cold.

Some people prefer bigger sized duvets for their bed. It's not uncommon for people to choose a King sized Duvet for a Double bed; or indeed a Super King sized Duvet for a King sized bed.

At Strawberry & Cream, we recommend that you buy a Duvet designed for the specific size of your bed. For example, a Double sized Duvet for a Double sized bed, or a King sized Duvet for a King sized bed. It makes your bed look neat and attractive.

But, if you feel you must buy a bigger sized duvet for your bed, then we recommend going no higher than the next size up. So for example, get a King sized Duvet, at most, for a Double bed… and so on.


Getting good quality sleep is especially important for your health and productivity. In addition to getting good quality bedding sheets, you should get the right fitting bedding for your bed for maximum comfort.

It is also important that you get a generously sized bed and mattress for your bedroom (of course space permitting and taking other factors into account), for better quality sleep.

To sleep in luxury comfort and style every night, browse our luxury duvet cover selection.