Additional Info

About our luxury long staple 100% organic cotton, single-ply fabric:

Our luxury bedding fabric is made from 60s yarn, long staple 100% organic cotton. There are 300 single-ply threads per square inch, woven in a sateen weave, giving the fabric a luxuriously soft and smooth feel. We do not inflate thread count through forced bunching of threads in the weave. By avoiding this practice, our bedding has better tensile strength - which increases the durability and longevity of our bedding. It also ensures that our bedding is more breathable, allowing for more comfortable sleep.

Fabric made from long staple, single-ply threads also reduces the incidence of “pilling” (the scratchy feel you often get from bobbling of clothes/fabric after a few washes). 

About our Eco-friendly packaging:

Our bedding is beautifully packaged in attractive re-usable bags. These bags are made from the off-cuts of fabric that arise during production. Off-cuts are considered as waste in the textile industry, and generally end up in landfill. By making bags from these off-cuts, we reduce the amount of waste fabric that goes to landfill.

About our manufacturing partners:

We only work with factories that are experienced in making high quality products, have good quality controls in place, adopt eco-friendly manufacturing methods, and who give a high priority to worker welfare. We also independently hire professional quality control consultants/agencies to test the quality of the fabric and materials used in production.

About GOTS certified organic cotton: 

Our bedding is made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. GOTS requires strict welfare criteria to be met from farm to factory e.g. prohibiting the use of child labour, and that a fair living wage is paid to all workers. 

Organic cotton also helps reduce the use of irrigated water by up to 90% compared to non-organic cotton. It is also more eco-friendly than non-organic cotton, as it is not reliant on toxic synthetic pesticides to combat pests. Farmers are instead encouraged to practice eco-friendly methods e.g. crop-rotation, to combat pests.

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